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People's Republic of China
A common student in China,likes drawing,sleeping,playing games,imagining fun stuffs and talking.The creator of Yaoiverse.

Comment stuffs you think of my art,I'm leaving and won't use Internet until 4 days later 

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Ahh I am gonna go back to my house in 6 days!It means I can really retyrn to my REAL home!
The whole summer vacation is completely terrible,first of all,it took me much time to finish the trash homework, and it was difficult as well.And only one day later I started the trip to where my dad was with my mom.Although we had planned it before the vavaction,I stiff felt unhappy because I didn't like going out at all.I still went with her because I did not want get her mad,actually my mom is not easy to get angry.But my poor expression often causes trouble,in order to run away from troubles,I had to.And during the trip,some problem appeared,it upset me.And when we arrived it was raining cats and dogs.........I must be a fire-type pokemon,because I hate rain.
In the end we took taxi,I got very sick during it,I felt so unwell that I felt like eating nothing after we reached and had te meal.Hunger hurt me,but I didn't even want to fight back.It was not only bad thing,but also my dad's cimputer could not get on DA!!I suffered from this the whole vacation!Luckily I brought my USB,there were a lot of datas in it.Thanks a lot to the datas,I could still have some fun.
Happy days went on,until one day.Suddenly I found my USB did now work.anymore.......Nothing much were gone in one so much more....
It hit me like a thunder,amd worse thing came as well,the computer even stopped working!EVERYTHING LOST SO SUDDENLY!I felt deeply sorrowful and I had to kill the time by my phone,watching videos and playing games.Boredom is not a big deal,more importantly,I cannot draw what I want to draw right away!It is such a great pain for me....
Kind of fortunatly,there is a libary nearby,I can.go there some times a week,and I have much fun reading as well,I can learn knowledge about desgin and art.Also stuffs about my study.That may be the only thing I am satisfied with,because I think libary is cool.Poorly in my hometown,there is not one as good as that,and it is too far.
Even though bad things are more,good things amuse me,too.I seem to have drawing ideas about both MLP and PM,having ideas is the most important.XD I am excited about returning!Although the next day I will have to go to school.I DON'T CARE,I DARE YA SCHOOL.XD
Next year I will not go out anymore...But I may go to an activity like Bronycon.What's more,I will have less time on DA because I will be busier after returning to the school.But anyhow,I believe I will free next summer!

BTW thanks a lot for these guys who celebrated me about my b-day!I love ya all!Also these guys who drew pics for me!!I cannot thank ya enough!LOVE YA FOREVER!

(Big potato means"POTATO",peeled big potato means to cut the first and last letter of the word,as if OTATO,it is an expression.It is a joke fron a Chinese website.)
I have a lot of ideas of drawing
I am too lazy to draw.
GUYS THANK YA VERY MUCH FOR THE CELEBRATIONS!YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!Altough in China it is already the next day,it doesn't matter at all!
I feel I have some problems saying things to thank,really.For example,I can only say"Thanks" or "Thank ya very much"......They sound like I am mot really used but in fact,my heart is already beating as fast as a running fan.....I am not good at expressing.And when I see ships I love on the website,all I can do is only screaming and YAY...

BTW,I am sorry I haven't submitted any art recently,during the whole vacation,I stayed at where my dad worked with my mom,the place wasn't really a good place.Every day I woke up because of hunger.But I lost weight as well XD,good kids cannot learn me!Besides,my dad's computer could not let me get on DA,so I could only use my mom's phone to submit art,but it was not convient.I stuck to doing it for a while but finally I gave up.Why?My mom started watching programs on it.It made me have no time for that.But I still drew art.I just didn't submit.I drew several art about MLP and pokemon,also,I fell in love with a ship.
Ah,that is another oair of shoes.I didn't only draw pictures,but also I went to the library ti read books,I will get the chance to do it often after getting into the university but I think it cool to stay in it.
At last,I will get home on August 30th in the morning,I will start the storm of submitting my pics,but before it,I could try to submit some if I can.

And,thank you very much for the art!StormDragon98

I want to ask a question....for these 3ds much did it taje ya ti buy the pkmn games and the 3ds?
Life is full of unexpected.For example,you thought I woukd talk about an example now.
I saw the latest messages about Pokemon Sun and Moon.Saw Z power,the name in Chinese were awful and the new form of ninetales surprising...and that grass-and-dragon-type guy.....Has GF run out of ideas for ice-types?Mega evolution wasn't mentioned,either,although according to the game mega evolution isn't a good idea because it must be finished by the trainer and his pokemon,but accoding to the anime it is really cool.I like it as well but in this situation I am afraid mega evolution will be cut out....Oh no I still want to see mega flygon....Don't tear my dream...
I got up just now because of hunger,but before that I was already awake as I thought out two drawing ideas while sleeping.I could not control my expression and I smiled,this woke me up.
Don't want to see the world.
Know the event about South China Sea?
I gotta cut my hair.........It is so long that I always feel hot even if I turn it into a ponytail.It looks good sometimes but in summer it only brings me heat.
I am writing stuffs about my art that will be drawn after I got to Zhejiang,the train put off the time,I had to can I have fun in such rain........

embedded_item1467417850469 by Yaaaco17
outside the window.Fucking rain...

embedded_item1467409206847 by Yaaaco17
Gonna arrive!But is is raining and I don not wear enough clothes....

My favorite stuffs.XD

Pokemon Stamp by Jakec-94 A Haunting Pokemon Parade by The-Emerald-Otter Chillest Pokemon Parade by The-Emerald-Otter For the Bird Pokemon by The-Emerald-Otter Afraid of the Dark Types? by The-Emerald-Otter Pokemon: Litwick by SD-DreamCrystal361 - Snorunt by MarlenesstampsFroslass Fan Stamp by Elik-ChanFlygon Stamp V2 by KevfinMega Sceptile by MarlenesstampsHoenn lover stamp by pikachuafwcSinnoh lover stamp by pikachuafwc[Stamp] Sunburst by Tambelon[Stamp] Starburst by TambelonTrixie stamp 4 by ShadowwshadeREQUEST: TwilightxTrixie Stamp by inkypaws-productions+Flutterdash Stamp+ by A-Ponies-LoveREQUEST:  Rarityjack Stamp by inkypaws-productionsREQUEST: SoarinxSpitfire Stamp by inkypaws-productionsCheeriMac stamp. by xMayiiLyrabon stamp #2 by tofuudog

The pokemons I like and the ships in MLP I support.:3


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Sorry for it being late!
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Happy birthday to you
May your dreams all come true
Your art is fantastic
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